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7 Basic Driving Tips for New Beginners

Automotive Driving Tips

Driving isn’t a joke, and not everyone can immediately start driving. By ex. driving is a skill and art, and you need to learn to drive safely on the roads. There are several aspects related to driving and your vehicle. Thus, you need to be well aware of all such factors. When you plan on getting your hands on the vehicle.

Here are some basic driving tips for beginners that you never learn before

Everyone is not knowledgeable about how to drive a vehicle, and thus, we have provided specific essential tips below that would help you learn to drive Melbourne.

Get familiar with your vehicle first

First of all, you have to know your car. If you don’t recognize the parts and their functions, you can never drive properly. Before driving the vehicle, you should be comfortable more with that car. You have to learn where the clutches, gear, and their functions and even you have to know the speed controller. Your driving instructor would introduce you to your vehicle when you would learn to drive Melbourne.

Precise your seating position

As the entire control is in the hand of drivers so that it’s very much essential to sit properly. Always try to sit straight; for this, you may not have to suffer back pain or injury. 

Retain your full attention

When you’re in the driver’s seat, your duty is vast as you have to control the vehicle and carry all the passengers safely. As a driver, your prior attention should be on your driving. You cannot lose your attention or get distracted while driving.

Seat and Pedal Adjustability

7 Basic Driving Tips for New Beginners

It is imperative to adjust the seat as per the pedals. Clutch and pedals should all be under your control, requiring you to adjust the seat comfortably.

Steering Wheel Holding

Most of the time, the drivers hold the steering wheel the way they want, but this is strictly not advisable. For safe driving, you should keep your steering wheel’s position at 10 o’clock and 2 o’clock while driving. 

Maintaining the signals

After learning to drive, you may wish to drive on a road. But you have to remember that you are not alone with your vehicles on the road. To drive safely on the road, you have to maintain all the signals and track turning points and indicators. These are specific basic safety measures that are involved with driving.

Maintaining distance from other vehicles

On a crowded road, you can see lots of other vehicles. So, you need to maintain a substantial distance from other vehicles.


Those mentioned above are the vital driving tips to follow if you plan to learn to drive in Melbourne. You need to pay extra attention to all the factors that teach you while you learn to drive in Melbourne.