Golf Club Country Marketing Strategy

Tips On How To Successfully Market Your Country Club Business

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Country clubs are privately owned clubs, often with closed memberships. These clubs host lots of sporting and social activities regularly.

To effectively manage your country club business, consider drawing and working with a well-structured marketing plan.

The joy of a business owner is to see their business do well. To be successful in your clubhouse business, you’ll want to adopt top-notch marketing practices.

Marketing can be challenging, but the challenge is worth the reward. What’s a country club without members or visitors?

Visitors and members make up the country club. The hardest part of any country club manager’s job is likely retaining and reaching out to new members.

With a good country club marketing plan, not only will you be able to attract new members, but you’ll also have what it takes to retain existing ones.

The following are practices to consider while creating a marketing plan for your country club:

Develop Customer Loyalty Through Special Events

True, your country club is where your members visit to play golf, but there’s more to it than meets the eye. During such visits, members tend to link up and discuss matters of common interest.

Consider making your country club a social atmosphere where people come not just to swing some clubs but to enjoy some peace, meet with friends, and hang out with their families.

For instance, you can host a Friends Day event where your club members get to invite a friend for free golf or a Family Day event, which allows your club members to bring their immediate family to the country club for free rounds of golf.

While planning such an event, consider making provision for refreshments. You’ll want to have visitors comment nicely about your country club.

Start Making Videos of Activities at Your Country Club

Video marketing is an effective marketing technique to consider including in your country club marketing plan.

Today, the majority find it convenient to spend lots of time on their mobile phones. That is the more reason you’ll want to exploit this technique.

Indeed, you’ll have a website and at least two social media accounts for your clubhouse. Research has proven that lots of people spend more time watching videos on mobile devices than on traditional ones.

Consider making videos of golf sessions, social events, and other activities at your club for your country clubs’ website and social media accounts.

Posting such videos on platforms like Facebook and Instagram would help broadcast your country club business.

Build Awareness with Local Startups

At some point, many firms hold meetings requiring their out-of-town clients or business partners.

Usually, such companies are always on the lookout to have fun and get entertained while doing business.

They’re left to decide whether a round of golf fits into that scenario, but your country club might be an excellent alternative to the local restaurants.

Consider promoting your country club as the best in town location for events and business meetings to secure such deals.

You’ll want to reach out to local business owners and offer them packages that will leave them no choice but to pick your clubhouse as the venue for their functions.


To grow your country club business, consider constructing a feasible country club marketing plan that will serve as a compass for you on your journey to success.