Saturday, September 21, 2019

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Tips on creating Android & iPhone apps for speaking events

At FIT we recently pub­lished an iphone app for a large design event based in Lon­don, so can share some insights into cre­at­ing an iphone or android app for a speak­ing event of this kind. Below are a set of 10 insights, please enjoy at your convenience. 1. CRE­ATE A DYNAMIC LIST OF SPEAK­ERS AND BIO­GRAPHY THAT […]

kids and coding

Don’t Give Up! Teaching Kids Perseverance and Grit

Give your child the power of grit, and they can never quit! – How coding and technology courses build persistence. Putting your child in computer coding classes early on gives them new skills while sharpening existing ones to build their overall educational perseverance and grit. Having grit means having that extra motivation to meet a […]

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