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How a Quality Storage Facility Keeps Your Belongings Safe


When you put your belongings into storage, you expect them to stay there and be in good condition when you return for them. Look for the following qualities in a self-storage facility to ensure that your belongings are kept safe!


If no one is watching your self-storage unit, there is a greater chance of break-ins. When looking for a self-storage company, try to find one that has gates around the perimeter. This barrier coupled with a quality surveillance system will provide the security you need to ensure the safety of your belongings. Self-storage facilities with these tools will be able to detect intruders and prevent theft.

Extra Security

If you still feel wary about leaving your belongings in self-storage, you should find a company that has the added option of units with individual alarms. When you have your own lock and key as well as a personal alarm system, you can be sure that no one will get into your unit.

Self Storage San Jose
Self Storage San Jose

Special Storage Units

Some items need special attention when they are stored. If you are looking into boat or RV storage, for example, you need to find a facility that has the capabilities and space to properly store your vehicles. Certain artwork or valuable pictures might need to be kept in a cooler environment. Look for a self-storage facility with the option of air-conditioned units to keep your special belongings in pristine condition.

Bring your belongings to Self Storage San Jose to feel confident they will be kept safe. Our competitively priced storage units are under constant surveillance to guarantee their safety. For more information on our services and locations, visit our website or call us at 408-980-9430.