There are many lead generation tools available in Linkedin

How to Connect Calendly And LinkedIn With Inbound Leads?

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You know the basics of the LinkedIn outreach funnel: templates, emails, ads, requests and a mixture of similar items?

There are many lead generation tools available Inbound Leads, but it can be difficult to connect them all in a seamless way.

Do not be afraid to merge all of these things.

We have finally solved your problem after spending hours integrating Calendly LinkedIn with other programs such as Zapier.

Sounds good, right?

Automation allows you to concentrate on lead generation and saves you a lot of time.

Follow the Closely automation process we’ll show you how to set up follow-ups automatically to build reports after connecting with leads on LinkedIn. You can also strengthen your relationships with your leads.

Simply put, you should set up the process and then grab a cup coffee. Then, just sit back and watch your leads arrive. This will help keep them interested in different touch points.

Calendly Integration allows you to connect your LinkedIn leads

Calendly Integration allows you to connect your LinkedIn leads

Calendly is a popular tool for scheduling appointments.

No matter what your answer is, it’s important to consider the thoughts and feelings of potential buyers when filling out forms.

Most people only want to discuss your business.

They have not yet been converted into customers. They will likely be speaking to your competitors simultaneously, and will explore other media.

It’s not a bad thing. If a lead is at the “need” stage of your marketing funnel, they will prefer to speak to other vendors to find the best deal and the best way to solve their problems.

Your communication is the only thing that can make you stand out to your leader at this level.

We all agree that advertising campaigns, products, and services can attract customers in a significant way Inbound Leads, but it is not at the beginning.

Your communication and approach are what will influence the buyer’s attitude. This is why it’s important to communicate with your leads regularly about your brand, services and yourself.

This growth hack allows you to quickly connect with new LinkedIn business leads once they have completed the Calendly form. You can then send follow-up messages to them if necessary.

Your prospects will recall your name and will be more inclined to connect with you via LinkedIn.

This is how you can dramatically increase your request acceptance rate.

After a lead completes the Calendly form they will receive a LinkedIn request within 5 minutes. This request includes a personalized message, image, and a LinkedIn connection request. Before the appointment, you can add any additional information that interests your prospects.

All this will be automated by Zapier and LinkedIn Calendly.

  • In your Calendly form, always ask for the LinkedIn URL of the user.
  • Connect your Calendly form to Zapier and LinkedIn automation tool.
  • Next, create a new campaign.
  • Send an email to your leads asking for a personal connection.
Create A New Campaign in Linkedin

Check in to your Zapier account first. Then, click on the Make a Zap Option. Then, select Calendlyas your app and Invitee

Next, select your Calendly account. You will need to change your integrations settings if Calendly is connected at this moment. Here’s how you do it.

Testing is the last step. You will need to find someone who has signed up through Calendly link and their LinkedIn URL. For testing, you can also schedule a call yourself.

Note: We recommend that you make sure everything is properly connected if you use Calendly’s group account.

You can now connect Inbound Leads to your automation tool. Select Webhooks by Zapier for your app. This can be done via the Action Event option. Continue.

The URL is required for the next section.Reversed webhookIn In your automation tool.

Log in to your automation tool and select the campaign name. Copy the URL for the Integrations section.

Go back to Zapier, and copy the URL you copied into the appropriate field. Next,Set the JSONFor the Payload type.

You can also map the Data to the questions you have. Other fields can be used here, like the first and last names of users. As such:

Click on the Continue button to continue. If all goes well, you can add a demo person into your campaign.

This will allow you to automatically connect with your LinkedIn leads whenever they book an appointment via Calendly.

The next step is to follow up on your LinkedIn connections requests.

After adjusting to your brand, you can use these templates.

Things will be as follows:

  • Your Calendly link or form will first book a demo.
  • They will then receive a personal LinkedIn connection request and a follow up message.
  • They will make a conference call with you and your team.
  • Lemlist will send an email to follow up.
  • You will also receive their contact information in your CRM.
  • Let’s now move to the next section.

You will need to return to Zapier to connect this section with the webhook.

Final Verdict

You can generate new business leads in an Omni channel manner by following the lengthy guide.

This strategy has the best and most beneficial aspect: every time a prospect book an appointment with you, they will automatically receive a LinkedIn connection request.

These inbound leads can help you achieve a dramatically higher acceptance rate for connection requests on LinkedIn.

Once your prospects have finished the call with you, or your team members, they will automatically receive follow-up emails.

This will allow you to focus on the business leads and keep them engaged at multiple touch points.

The best part is that the entire process will be automated so you can concentrate on other aspects of your brand.