Why Is a Website Theme and Maintenance So Important?

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Currently, using website design service with theme (interface) is available and CMS integration is chosen by many people. In addition to the positive factors, this method also has certain disadvantages, you may consider whether to choose this solution or not based on needs, financial ability and operational model. .

The reasons to choose

When planning to build website with website developers the problem that many people feel most disturbed is how to create an impressive, beautiful, trendy interface as well as express the level of owner unit. It can be said that this process can make it difficult for both owners and designers to have a common voice.

Meanwhile, if choosing a website service based on theme and CMS (Content Management System: content management system) is available, users will be free to choose a nice theme in the huge interface of the houses. provided. According to evaluation, most of these interface sets are quite beautiful and upgraded continuously to match the market trend , as well as attract more customers to use the service.

In case you do not want to choose the pre-designed interface sets, make requests for service providers, they always have web design support packages according to each customer’s requirements. Of course, the cost of the design process can be up to tens, even hundreds of millions, depending on the criteria given.

With the available theme website service, users will save a lot of time when being supported for the first time data entry, designing banners and some other content, which is not for those who are still limited. skills of using computers in general and website administration in particular.

Not only that, this service also helps customers save a lot of costs, because most are provided by units of months, users will not have to spend a large amount of money up to tens of million for costs such as domain name, hosting, website design and programming. At the same time, the services will also be divided into several packages, ranging from 200,000 VND to less than 1 million VND per month for customers to choose according to their financial capabilities.

The reasons for not choosing

In addition to the practical benefits that website services based on themes and CMS are available to users, it also has certain limitations that security is one of them. One thing is almost certain, that these website souce codes will not be written specifically for a specific customer, but will be shared with many other websites.

Therefore, there is no guarantee that it will not be infected with malicious code or spy viruses in order to steal customer information, transaction information and other content, which is considered extremely confidential to every business. Surely, no one wants other people to know what they sell, what their sales are, who the customers are …

Besides, although the interface of the interface is very diverse and abundant, in reality, the needs of customers are endless. Although there is a nice interface, but some features and modules on the web can make users feel not really satisfied, if required to modify, there may be a few additional unnecessary costs.

Another limitation is that if you choose the custom web development service on demand, you will be completely proactive about hosting packages according to your financial ability, while if you choose a website that is designed, it will be integrated. on service packages and when choosing low-cost packages, capacity, bandwidth as well as access speed will meet many limitations, this is what users should consider before choosing.