Gua Sha Massage VS Cupping Facial Massage

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Gua Sha or Cupping?

While both massage techniques have somewhat similar effects on the skin their end result and the path you take to get there is a little different. Do you know what both techniques are and what tools to use, you may be surprised at some of the things you learn

Gua Sha is a traditional Chinese medicine technique where a tool is used to scrape the skin to promote ‘controlled’ damage that stimulates repair. Originally, it was a practice to treat a myriad of health issues all over the body but the technique we will discuss will be for the face. In 2021 the Gua Sha facial massage entails using a tool to gently glide over the face to help sculpt, define and tone the contours of the quartz face. The tool also helps with lymphatic drainage. Your lymph drains regardless weather you perform this face massage, but by using a tool, you help facilitate the drainage to go a little faster thereby to replenish fresh lymphatic fluid faster. Your body is bathed in fluids, your cells are bathed in fluids and its called the interstitial fluid which helps bring fresh nutrients to the body but as well as help detoxify the body. Gua Sha massage on face sculpting and body helps stimulate the body to start repairing and regenerating itself and if it’s on the face, this means your cells will be stimulate to turnover faster.

You may have noticed you wake up with puffy eyes after a late night, or eating too much salt? you guessed it! Its interstitial fluid, and by using a gentle led face shield massage you can help slowly move the fluid to drain, and ultimately help de puff and brighten your complexion.

In terms of tools, you can use anything really! you can even use your fingers and not use a tool at all. We however recommend a crystal rose quartz or jade Gua Sha to help cool and soothe while massaging. 

On to Cupping Massage

Facial cupping has been around a little longer than the Gua Sha technique. Facial cupping involves using a tool to create a suction on the skin. Like the Gua Sha method originally it was to help with ailments of the body but the modernized facial cupping massage has proven to be very successful at treating a lot of skin health issues such as: Acne, fine lines and wrinkles, scar reduction, dull skin, puffiness, dark circles, and even plumping the lips. The cups suction and separate the dermal skin layers, then when the facial cup glides on the skincare lab is stimulates fibroblast cells to produce a lot of healing factors + collagen. The gliding also helps push the lymphatic fluid thereby detoxifying the skin and bringing fresh oxygenated blood to the cells

Both Facial cupping and Gua Sha massage can be used on both the face and the body, and below is a summary of the benefits each has to offer