Top Financial Mistakes to Avoid After a Divorce

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Divorce isn’t something you wake up one day to initiate and finalize; it’s a painstaking process you go through when all options at reconciliation and compromise get exhausted. Irrespective of the factors influencing your divorce decision, it’s important to note that having a trouble-free, uncomplicated process would do you lots of good.Divorce lawyers in West Chester PA, seek to help you achieve that.

In itself, the concept of divorce is most times emotionally, physically, and highly financially draining. Being careful and having the best representation is essential to ensure you don’t run into another set of problems at the end of the whole process. One way to achieve this is by being cautious and avoiding financial mistakes that may throw you into many struggles after finalizing the divorce.

This article will be examining some of such mistakes you need to avoid after a divorce.

1.  Keeping Your Joint Accounts Open

Since you’re now divorced, you shouldn’t share anything with your ex except your children;divorce lawyers in West Chester, PA,will advise same as well. The list of things you should quit sharing includes credit cards, loans, joint bank profiles, and every other thing relating to finance. If you’d been operating a joint account with them, it’d be in your best interest to split the balance with them and close the account.

Never make the mistake of operating an existing joint account; you might end up losing your money as your ex would have unrestricted access to it.

2.  Not Having a Post-Divorce Financial Plan

No matter what you do, never make this mistake. Divorce comes with lots of dramas and changes; your financial situation is one of the essential aspects likely to get affected. Even if you were the breadwinner of the family, it wouldn’t matter; there’s a high chance your financial situation’s going to change. The moment you consent to a divorce request or initiate one, start making post-divorce financial plans.

It’d be a massive error on your part if you didn’t start drawing up budgets and plans. You need to have a solid knowledge of what your income and expenses would be post-divorce. This knowledge will enable you to figure out how to steer your financial ship, whether you need to spend less or earn more.

Creating a post-divorce financial plan will enable you to know if you need to ask for more or make moves that will ensure you don’t suffer at the end of the process. Seek the guidance of professional well-versed in divorced lawyers in West Chester, PA, should the need arises.

3.  Forgetting to Update Estate Documents

Divorce is a stressful affair, and it’s quite understandable why many people don’t get around to updating their estate documents. However, it’s not a route you want to go; it has severe implications.

Forgetting to update your estate documents such as your life insurance policies, IRAs, wills, and other vital elements, may lead to the forfeiture of an estate to your ex-spouse in the event of your demise, something you don’t want to happen. To avoid a situation like this from happening, immediately a divorce process gets completed, intimate your estate manager on the documents that need updating, and ensure they get it done.

4.  Depending on Alimony

Depending on alimony to divorce to survive would be one of the greatest mistakes you’d make after a divorce. Once the divorce process gets finalized, you’d realize that whatever alimony you’re entitled to might not be enough to cater to your needs. You’d need something bigger and better.

Relying on occasional financial settlement from your ex-spouse would be setting yourself up for financial struggles, and you don’t want to go down that path. Make efforts at being self-sustaining.


Life after divorce isn’t always rosy; therefore, there’s a need to prepare yourself for it, to avoid making mistakes you might not come out from in a long time.