Why Do You Need Professional and Human Translators


Relocating abroad and need to get essential legal documents translated? Instead of using Google Translate, hire professional legal translators! Don’t know what legal translation is? Don’t worry; we are here to help you!

What is Legal Translation

Legal translation is a type of translation that replaces the source language with a target language and certified by a legal translator duly accredited by the Legal Translation Department in the Ministry of Justice of UAE.

Wondering what makes it different from other kinds of translation? Legal translation duly bridges the barriers to officially record your documents in UAE’s government entities like Dubai Land Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Justice, Dubai (UAE) courts, Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health, Free zone like DMCC, Dubai Silicon Oasis among various other government departments, embassies and ministries locally and internationally.
No government department or ministry in UAE accepts documents in any other language than Arabic. Therefore, if your documents are non-Arabic, they are essential to be legally translated in Arabic before having them submitted for the fulfillment of the relevant purposes.

Thus, the legal translation uses terms and content from the legal system that is currently prevailing in the country from where the source document came from. With globalization on the rise, the need and requirement for legal translation increases.
For example, if you are traveling to Dubai and need some legal documents translated, then you need to hire professionals from the best legal translation services in Dubai.

What is the Need for Legal Translation?

In several countries, there is clear segregation between religious law and secular law. However, in others, there isn’t a clear division between the two. In Dubai, the legal system is organized around Islamic Sharia law, but there are secular influences from British, French, and Romans in the law as well.

Legal translation is needed for a variety of purposes. It can be used to identify official documents, filed patents, financial documents, witness statements, and legal rulings, etc. Moreover, it is also needed for wills, trusts, litigation papers, immigration documents, etc.

To avoid mistranslations, it is pertinent to use specialists from the best legal translation services in Dubai. In this way, you will not have any ambiguities and will not face any problems to process your official applications within or outside the country.

Misinterpretations, mistakes, ambiguities, no matter how small, have no place in legal translation because these will lead to the document becoming void. Substantial financial and legal complications can arise due to a very simple error in the legal document. Fire up the search engine and search for legal translation near me and hire professionals from the professional legal translation services in Dubai!

The cultural differences, coupled with the unique terminology of legal documents, make it hard for you to ignore the need for legal translation in Dubai.

Legal translation near me – Why do you need Professional and Human Translators

By now, you understand the degree of accuracy that legal translation requires. This level of precision cannot be provided to you through machine translation. Direct translations are not going to much sense since there is a high probability that legal expressions may not have the exact equivalent in the target language and involve no certification. Here, the need for conceptual equivalents arises, which can’t be fulfilled by machines.

Legal translation demands the highest degree of precision and accuracy, which makes it important for you to be on the lookout for the best legal translation near me to hire professionals with years of expertise in this area.

If you have never translated a legal text or have felt the need to search for legal translation near me, you may think that it’s a simple replacement of word in one language with words in another. Not at all! Legal translators need to accurately translate the document in the source language to the target language and legalize the same with their legal stamps and signature in official translation company letterhead, all the while making sure that the legal concepts don’t change in the translated document!

Every legal system has various legal expressions that mean something very particular and specific in that jurisdiction. For example, the writ of habeas corpus is not present in France, and if you try to explain that to a French person, you are going to be in a lurch!

Legal Translation Dubai – Final Word

If you need medical help, you will go to your healthcare professional, or would you simply write a prescription for yourself using Google? Of course, you will visit your doctor! Similarly, when it comes to translating legal documents, the work is best left to the legal translation professionals. You wouldn’t want a judge to look at the translated legal document and find errors in it, now do you? Also, read for Top Challenges To Providing The Legal Translation Services in Dubai