AioloZ in the Pieterskerk in Leiden – 11 and 12 October 2003

A grasp of the recent acquisitions we chose for the fair in the Pieterskerk.
Responding can always be by phone, written, fax or email. Orders are processed strictly in order of entry.

CORNAMONA PERS, Amsterdam – A small selection

1. CAMPERT, Remco. Amsterdam days. 1984. Hand-written and printed by the Sunday printers in 70 copies. One of 50 roman-numbered copies. Handmade lining 125, –

2. CARMIGGELT, S. Do you know me? 1986. Linen in lining. 60 numbered and signed copies in red and black 195, –

3. GRAAF, Hermine de. The sea flame. 1985. Verg. half-leather with hand-painted plates. In the lining. One of 50 Romans numbered and signed copies 195, –

4. HERMANS, Willem Frederik. Seven poems of O.V. the L. MILOSZ. 1981. Verg. buckram. Copies: 150 numbered and written by translator (Hermans) and publisher (Lubberhuizen) in red and black 350, –

5. HERMANS, Willem Frederik. Seven poems of O.V. the L. MILOSZ. 1981. Verg. half calf leather. In cassette. One of 25 Romans numbered and written by translator (Hermans) and publisher (Lubberhuizen) in red and black. Very sought-after luxury edition, which was already sold out in appearance. Rarely offered 1250, –

6. MURPHY, Richard / EIJKELBOOM, Jan. Care / Care. 1983. Unique twin band of the Irish and Dutch edition in pink and black. 50 Roman-numbered copies in box 395, –

7. SHOWER, Marten. Gripping backs. 1982. Dec. halflinnen. With ills. Copies: 175 numbered and signed copies in red and black 450, –

STICHTING DE ROOS, Utrecht, 175 copies – All titles below new in publisher

8. ANDERSEN, H.C. The shadow. 1992. Halflinnen. Ills. Mirjam Bode 95, –

9. BIESHEUVEL, J.M.A. Adventures with Joachim Müller. 1986. Original. linen. Ills. Mart Kempers (this title is nice but is without packaging) 85, –

10. DOSTOJEWSKI, F.M. White nights. 1991. Halflinnen. Wood engraving and lentil cutters Arja van de Berg 50, –

11. GALSWORTHY, John. Indian Rose of a Forsyte. 1987. Original. linen. Ills. Jaap Kruyff 35, –

12. GOSSAERT, Geerten. Priapaeën. 1983. Peau de Peche. Etsen Toussaint Essers 100, –

13. HAASSE, Hella S. Two stories. 1993. Original. Side. The story ‘Genius Loci’ was written especially for De Roos and appears here in the first edition. Very nice booklet 95, –

14. KELLENDONK, French. Letter and spirit. Original. linen. 1994. Ills. Jacques Janssen 100, –

15. LORCA, Frederico Garcia. Sonnets of dark love. 1991. Origin. omsl. Litho’s Chris Buursen 45, –

16. NIJHOFF, Martinus. The Uur U. 1989. Japanese handmade paper in Japanese foal. Drawings Jeroen Henneman. With Henneman’s original signed screenprint. One of the most beautiful Roses, in our opinion, produced a lot of blood, sweat and tears and offered here in virgin condition. Beautiful 295, –

17. PILLECYN, Filip de. Monsieur Hawarden. 1992. Ills. Jan Kuiper. Original. linen with drawing 35, –

18. PIRANDELLO, Luigi. The pain to live like this. 1989. Origin. linen. Drawings Alfons van Heusden 45, –

19. SCHIERBEEK, Bert. With a view to the needle. With 7 etching by Frank Lodeizen. 1990. Leporello in black linen transfer box 150, –

20. WILDER, Thornton. The Bridge of San Luis Rey. 1987. Original. Dec. Linen in half-flap cassette. Etsen Simon Koene 65, –

21. WILMINK, Willem. Musical images. Drawings Simon Koene. 1995. Linen with fabric cover 125, –

EXPONENT, Bedum, Menno Wielinga, typography, print and prints

22. BERNLEF, J. Sweeping vision. 1988. One of 30 numbered copies in linen with an original poem in handwriting. Signed 150, –

23. BLAMAN, Anna. Ten poems. 1990. One of 20 numbered copies in linen 35, –
Hereby: BLAMAN, Anna. All my children are called a book. Original. omsl. Drawing Jo Boer. 100 copies

24. BONSET, I.K. Verses from 1914. 1987. Original. omsl. 135 numbered copies 45, –

25. UNITS-SERIES – 19 parts. 1985-1989. Original. omsl. Copies: 115 numbered copies. As a collection of 150, –
-FEIS, Agnita. Fair.
-MESSEL, Saul van. Principles.
-BOUWERS, Lenze L. Rondeel.
-FERRON, Louis. Targeted.
-WARREN, Hans. At marathon.
-GEERDE, Koos. The ugly young duckling.
-WINK, Simon. O angry tree i.m. Norma Pater.
-MERODE, Willem de. O tempora, oh mores!
-BLAMAN, Anna. Cross or coin.
-MEINDERTS, Koos. Own help.
-DUBOIS, Simone. From the earth.
-KOMRIJ, Gerrit. Two houses.
-DURA, Carla. Dancing in the shadow.
-SCHAALMA, Albert. Single room.
-WIERINGEN, Dik van. The fuss.
-PORTEGIES BLACK, Fred. Sisyphus sings the praise of the stone.
-LUITING, Ton. Frivolous memorandum.
-KORTWEG, Anton. Children.