Top Driving Safety Tips for Learner Drivers


You’ve passed your driving test, you may rightly feel confident in your driving abilities – but it’s important to be humble and realize you still have some way to go before you can be considered an expert. Young drivers, on average, are the age group responsible for the highest instance of road accidents and other breaches of driving laws, but by following the advice of professionals and remembering what you were taught in your driving lessons Taringa, you can avoid contributing to these statistics. One danger that tends to affect younger drivers more than their older counterparts is lapses in concentration.

Distractions while driving are among the biggest causes of accidents, whether it’s rowdy passengers in the back seat or taking mobile phone calls and engaging in other behavior that removes your eyes from the road and your hands from the wheel – so when you’re in control of the vehicle you should make sure your concentration isn’t anywhere else.

Drivers who feel pressured into carrying multiple passengers in their cars are thus at a higher risk of accidents caused by distractions, so insurers advise young drivers never to have more passengers in the car than they are comfortable with. Added to the in-car distractions is the temptation some drivers may have to show off in front of their friends, whether by contravening road laws or engaging in other dangerous activities – needless to say, activities that should be avoided at all costs in the interests of your safety and that of your passengers.

Speeding is one of the most common road laws broken by young drivers, and even if you’re only travelling marginally above the speed limit you should be aware of how greatly this can impact on your braking distance and reaction times – especially if you’re driving in adverse weather or icy conditions. Statistics of speeding-related road accidents are disproportionately high with regard to young drivers, making it a serious problem among this age group that needs to be overcome.

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These are among the chief reasons why you may find young driver’s car insurance to be more expensive than you imagined. In fact, insurance for young drivers – males in particular – tends to be the most expensive of any age group, due to their higher risk of being involved in accidents. If you can demonstrate your driving safety by taking additional courses and gaining years of experience without accidents, you should see your insurance premiums drop sharply.