Secure Your Child’s Future With Financial Planning for Children


Everyone wishes a peaceful and comfortable life for their children. Children deserve the best and parents opt for financial planning for children to convert their dreams into reality. Fulfilling the child’s dreams and wishes require a lot of planning and money. With the cost of living increasing every year, parents need help with investment for child education. Such planning is important to secure the child’s future.

Financial planning for children involves an examination of the financial goals and the best options to save money. It is important to remember that you need to save money for your child’s future as well as you and your family. Financial security is a must for handling any unforeseen circumstances. Every child is different and so are the requirements. One thing is common among the parents of every child and that is they wish the best for their child. investment for child education helps you determine the best plan for your child and invest money for the child’s education and future needs.

Here Are Some Tips That Can Help You Plan Your Child’s Future:

investment for child education
investment for child education

1.Creating a Financial Planning in Mind

First of all, you should make an estimate of the expenses needs for your investment for child education. Depending on the inflation over investment period or saving period, you can think of a figure that may be needed for education of your child when he or she grows up. There are a lot of options for financial planning for children in the market. Consider all the benefits and risks of education planning option and achieve your goals with the best financial planning.

2.Setting Up an Automatic System for Regular Investment

You can set up an action plan that automates your investment or saving. Some investment plans collect the funds on a regular basis such as monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, and more. This keeps your investment very much disciplined.

3.Reviewing the Plans

You should keep an eye on the plans from time to time to keep you on track with the target goals. Review the plan at least once a year to get an idea whether the things are moving in the right direction. Check for new ways that can help you reach your investment goals.

4.Top Up As Per Your Income

You can increase the amount of contribution on an annual basis. Topping up your standard investments for financial planning for children can help you achieve a larger fund without any burden. If you received a bonus or salary increment, you can top up the contribution by adding some extra money each month.

5.Look for Lock-in Plans

Some funds allow you to encash or withdraw the funds. If you have some circumstances that need money immediately, you may be tempted to use the child’s funds. Choose funds that do not have easy cashing out options to secure the future of your child.

6.Promote Family Members’ Contribution

It can be a good idea to encourage grandparents or relatives to contribute towards the child’s financial plans. This will help them build a better education fund for your child.

Financial planning for children helps to safeguard and secure the future of the child. Parents should hire financial planners to help them choose the right plan for the child.

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Shane Dubin graduated from York University in Toronto with a bachelor’s degree. Prior to Shane Dubin Canaccord Genuity, Shane spent 18 years with Scotia McLeod, where he most recently served as Senior Wealth Advisor and Associate Portfolio Manager.