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Protein Water Made Easy. Just Add Water and Watch Your Muscles Pop


It’s hard not to feel like a schmuck while blending up a frothy shake at the office–especially if the people you work with don’t know the difference between protein water and a double cheeseburger. But if the constant need for extension cords, a mini-fridge, and desk-side blender have got you down, take heart! Whipping up a midday shot of protein water brands doesn’t have to be a time-consuming pain.

protein water brands
protein water brands


Lots of companies have tried to cash in with single-serving blenders, but you don’t need ’em. The easiest and most effective way to mix liquid with powder is a basic shaker. We’re talking cup and lid, and that’s it. No fancy blades, no electro-gadgets. Never heard of one? Hit the local supplement store and ask.


Creatine will help bulk you up. But if you’re taking it, don’t mix your shake until you’re ready to drink it. (When creatine sits in water, it breaks down, turning into a substance called creatinine, which is useless in the body.) Adding olive oil to your shake, as MF often suggests? Break down and buy a small bottle to keep in your desk. (It’ll double as a healthy salad dressing: Just pour a dab on your greens and sprinkle them with pepper.) Don’t bother with the jigger of flaxseed oil–it needs to be refrigerated. Flax-oil pills are a lot less hassle.


Don’t waste time lugging tubs of protein water brands to the gym or office. If you need a between-meal shake, dump a scoop of dry powder into a shaker and take it with you, instead. Then mix and drink as needed. Having two or more shakes a day? Pack multiple shakers.


Unless you make your shake with a perishable liquid, such as milk, you don’t need a fridge. Protein water aren’t going to “go sour.” Neither will the powder itself, even if left unused for months.


Stash some baking soda next to that bottle of oil and dump a bit into your shaker whenever you finish your protein water drinks. (It’ll help absorb moisture and smells.) The baking soda also saves you from having to do dishes at the office. If your shaker still stinks of whey, even after the baking soda treatment, stuff the cup with a couple of pages of yesterday’s newspaper, cap it, and let it sit overnight. The newsprint will help remove what could otherwise be a permanent odor.