Katy Perry Hartford Dreams Tour


Katy Perry is a singer that sure loves seeing her fans have a really great time at her concerts. The star is right now on her Hartford Dreams Tour and she stated that she likes to make a deep emotional connection with her fans in the audience. She revealed to MTV news that she really gets happy when she stares at someone deep in their eyes. She stated that she gets all kinds of emotions and there are a lot of emotions that go on inside her when she is with her fans. She also revealed that music has helped her get through many things in her life and because of it she has managed to evolve as a person. For her song writing is extremely therapeutic.  Katy Perry tickets for the second leg of the Hartford Dreams tour are on sale and the tour has currently hit US.

The tour is currently a huge success with lots of colorful sets and really mind-blowing costumes that has been worn by the singer. The Tour has a lot of candy flavored stuff and her fans are ecstatic with her performance and her songs on stage.


As far as her biography and past goes Katy Perry was born on the 25th of October 1984 as Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson and she is presently known by her stage name Katy Perry. She is an American songwriter and singer who was born in Santa Barbara Hartford. She had been raised by her Christian pastor parents, Katy Perry had grown up listening to gospel music and she as a child sang in the local church. She after earning a GED during her High School Freshman year began her career in music. She in the name of Katy Hudson has released a gospel album that was a self titled one in the year 2001. Unfortunately the album was not a success due to the closure of her recording label. After some time she with the production team The Matrix recorded another album. The majority of the songs of this solo album in the year 2004-2005 were never released.

In the year 2007 she signed up with the Capitol group that was her fourth label in 7 years. She embraced the stage name of Katy Perry and released her first single via the Internet ”Ur So Gay”. The song did gather some public attention but it failed to chart.  Her second single capitulated her to fame and this was “I Kissed A Girl” in the year 2008. This song reached the top of the international charts and after this success the singer released her mainstream studio album “One of The Boys” This album became the thirty third best selling album worldwide in the year 2008.

In August 2010 she released Teenage Dream and this song debuted as number one in the Billboard 200. This album includes the current hit singles of Hartford Girls, Teenage Dream, Firework and ET. All these songs have topped the charts on the Billboard Hot 100. Obtain 5% discount off Katy Perry concert tickets for adding promo code “CD” at checkout on xlcentertickets.info. You can also view concert tickets available for all other concert tours.