Gold Coast Driving Lessons – Side View Mirror Setup


How do you have your side view mirrors setup? Most people have the side view mirrors set up so they can see down the side of their own car. Is that how you set your mirrors? Seeing the side of your car is a good idea as a new driver .

It can help you judge how far away another vehicle is when trying to merge in traffic. However, once you become more skilled you should progress to a different setup.

Looking down the side of your own car with the side view mirrors will overlap what they see. Meaning you see the same things inside view and rear view mirrors. What happens then is these mirrors tend not to be used effectively, because people know they just have to look in the rearview. The down the side of the car setup is creating a very large blind spot over both shoulders. The aim of changing the side view mirrors is to reduce this blind spot over our shoulders.

Driving-Instructor GCTo set the mirrors to make sure you are seated properly and comfortable.

We have to start with the rearview mirror. This mirror is meant to see far back, set it up so it picture frames the rear window.

Lets now setup the drivers’ side view mirror. Look back to the rear view, what is the last thing on the left side of that mirror off in the distance? You have to pick an object.

Now find driving lessons gold coast that object in drivers side view mirror. Once you have found the same object in both rear and drivers side view mirror, put the object to the right edge of the driver side view mirror just barely out of view. Out of view to the rear and the side view mirrors do not overlap.

To set up the passenger side view mirror look back to the rear view mirror. What is the last thing you see on the right side off in the distance? Pick a new object.

Find the object in the passenger side view mirror. Now put the object on the left side of the passenger side view mirror just barely out of view. Out of view so they do not overlap.

The side view mirrors are meant to see the headlights of another vehicle close to the center of the mirror. Adjust accordingly to your height.

What we have effectively done is widen our mirrors or created a continuous mirror. Let us say someone is passing you on the left side of your vehicle and you need you to merge into that lane. You have decided to let them go by, but there is another car behind them that you want to merge in front of. This is a very common situation when entering a freeway. As the first car begins to pass you it will exit the rear view mirror and enter the driver’s side view mirror. You will actually see the car in both mirrors at the same time if you have set things up properly. Once the vehicle passing you exit the driver’s side view mirror it will enter your peripheral vision or basically you will see it in the window beside you. Effectively reducing the blind spot. As for the car you want to merge in front of, complete this before the vehicle exits the rear view mirrors. You can never reduce the blinds spot completely, so you will still be required to shoulder check before the lane change. Take the time to try it out and if you need to see down the side of the car just lean towards the mirror.