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Portable 12-Volt Air Compressor Kit

Armor M240 Portable 12-Volt Air Compressor Kit. The M240 Air Armor harkens back to the days when quality was priority one. Powerful and sturdy, it’s a high volume portable 12-Volt compressor built into a powder coated, water resistant, steel ammo can which securely stores the air hose, power cord, and accessories. Built tough inside and out, this kit can endure […]

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Hiring Edmonton Movers

Hiring a mover is an important decision. The process of relocating with your belongings just to the other side of Calgary or to somewhere else in Canada can be complicated. The process takes time, planning, patience, money and a large degree of trust. Of the various Edmonton movers, consider Helping Hands Family Movers owned by […]

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Canada Energy Savings: Ontario’s Cap-And-Trade Program: What to Know

Ontario’s cap-and-trade program was first introduced in January 2017 and has generated some $2.4 billion in proceeds, according to the provincial government. The project, designed to help fight climate change and reward businesses that reduce their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, sets limits or “caps” on the amount of GHG emission that a company can produce […]

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